I’ve been meeting with the Phytl Signs team and so far they have always done exactly what they promised. I’m confident that they will deliver a very cool product that will enable people to interact with plants in a unique way and that will accelerate research on plant signalling.
Brij Sahi | Co Founder Swiss Decoded, Successfully funded BeerDeCoded project on Kickstarter June 2015
Working on decoding the electrical signals of plants with others at Phytl Signs has been fascinating… As Phytl Signs bring their product to market I’m looking forward to being able to work with a much larger community on processing a lot more data in new and innovative ways and to helping better understand plant signalling. In many ways the technical challenges are similar to the SETI project – tiny transient signals in a very noisy environment but that’s what makes the work interesting. The benefits of better understanding plant signalling could be great – more food from less resources…”
Dave Robinson | Signal processing expert, United Kingdom
Its really different…. It will be good to see day to day variations and start to see patterns… you’ll get to know your plants’ signals
Ken Hollis | Retired Biochemist & Plant Enthusiast, Cheshire, England