Plants emit small electrical signals called bio-signals

Phytl Signs is a range of innovative devices that amplify these bio-signals.

What are the benefits of using Phytl Signs?

  • Monitor signals over short & long time periods, in lab or natural conditions
  • Compact,portable, affordable, easy-to-use equipment to study bio-signals

  • A new technique for applied research into growing interventions
  • Make links between signaling activity and growth outcomes

  • Early Warnings from the plant itself of biotic or abiotic stress
  • Fast evaluation of the effectiveness of growing interventions
  • Portability & connectivity in all conditions, means hard-to-monitor crops can be observed
  • Complements existing monitoring systems

  • Enlighten, excite and entertain a new generation of plant scientists with the sights & sounds of this secret world of biological signaling

  • Expand the `internet of things’ to include your plants
  • Explore the world of bio-signals
  • Share the experience of seeing & hearing plants’ responses with friends, family or colleagues

  • Learn more about optimizing growing conditions for home grown crops
  • Avoid losing hard-to-grow or sensitive plants via early warning of plant stress
  • Enjoy seeing & hearing your plants’ signals in your own home or garden

Bio-signals were discovered more than 100 years ago but are difficult to study because they are so tiny relative to background electromagnetic interference.

Phytl Signs devices combine state of the art digital signal processing with low cost electronics to enable the harnessing of plants’ signals in everyday conditions.

For more information on the History of the Study of Electrical Signals in Plants download this introductory paper.