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Vivent, a Swiss based deep tech SME founded in 2012, applies expertise in communication networks and information theory to biological systems. Early on we focused on working with plants and we can now diagnose a wide range of crop stressors, including soil borne pathogens, using artificial intelligence.

We are proud to be playing a role in transforming the future of agriculture to deliver safe and secure food while reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.

PhytlSigns Timeline

PhytlSigns Team

Carrol Plummer


A Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from INSEAD with substantial knowledge of product development, launching new products, marketing and manufacturing…

Nigel Wallbridge

Executive Chairman

A chartered engineer, he holds a doctoral degree in medical engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK and also an MBA from INSEAD, France…

Caleb Carroll

Chief Information Officer

Caleb Carroll, the Tech Genius is an inventor and system architect with a broad range of experience in the radio frequency industry. His leadership and technical …

Andrzej Kurenda

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Andrzej Kurenda has worked for over 10 years in plant electrophysiology and molecular biology research. As well as extensive experience in electrophysiology …

Lynn Raven

Marketing and Product Development

A highly experienced consumer insight and research specialist, with a long career in several FMCG companies in Europe and Asia…

Nick Barker

Chief Technology Officer

Nick has worked in many sectors including oil and gas, nuclear power, road transportation, rail transportation, aerospace, food production and agriculture. Nick brings to Vivent…

Natalia Voltchkova

Financial Manager

A qualified management accountant with an MBA from IMD, Switzerland, with a strong background in management consulting and financial & HR management systems…

Could you make a contribution to our team and to the future of agriculture?

We are always keen to talk to new people so please contact us.

Origins of the name PhytlSigns

Phyto- or before a vowel phyt-
Combining form
(Botany) Indicating a plant or vegetation:
[from Greek phuton plant, from phuein to make grow]

Collling English Dictionary | Complete and unabridged |12th edition 2014

Phytl Signs is our version of the common English expression “vital signs” but applied to plants.

Just like humans, plants provide signs indicating their health and vitality. We aim to provide tools to help observe and understand plant vitality because, after all, we rely on plants for food, medicine, fibre and fuel. Understanding plants better will help us live more healthily and sustainably.


Vivent is enthusiastic about collaborating with other individuals and organizations active in plant electro-physiology.

Jobs will be posted here soon. Meanwhile sign in if you are interested in collaborating on this exciting process.

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Phytl Signs is part of Vivent SARL, a privately held Swiss based company founded in 2012 which is pioneering the harnessing of bio-signals to improve the health and vitality of plants and people.

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