In Praise of Soil-free Growing…..

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After visiting a soil free greenhouse growing tomatoes Lynn Raven reflected on the benefits of raising crops in a soil free environment. Here’s what she had to say…. We are so accustomed to the soil-free growing of food crops now that we are in danger of becoming blasé about it’s arrival on the scene as [...]

Unraveling the Mysteries of Electrical Signals in Plants

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Dr Robert Degli-Agosti of the University of Geneva is currently testing a device and providing feedback that Vivent is using to further improve the range of Phytl Signs devices.   He shares with us answers to three questions about plant signalling. As an academic you’ve been measuring electrical signals in plants for some time. How do [...]

Citizen Science – Is it of any value?

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There are very mixed responses to the question “Do citizen scientists actually help advance scientific knowledge?” We want to share with you possible ways in which everyday people can make a difference. Here at Phytl Signs we’re in touch with an academic who is looking at how plants respond to leaf vibrations caused by an [...]

The Value of Scepticism and Open Mindedness

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I spoke to Nigel Wallbridge shortly after his meeting with Penny Sarchet at New Scientist magazine.  I asked Nigel how the meeting went.  His response was not optimistic.  Nigel explained that Penny was a plant geneticist and that she was very sceptical about plant electrophysiology and therefore our system which detects plant signals. Nigel left one of our Phytl Signs [...]

A window on the future – GreenTech 2016, Amsterdam

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As part of my support for the development of new innovative products for Vivent, I attended GreenTech 2016 in Amsterdam. We’re about to launch our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Phytl Signs Explorer: a plant monitor that’s unlike any other – because it specifically listens to what the plant itself is communicating rather than simply measuring [...]

Why I love being an engineer….

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This Saturday I attended the Cambridge University Technology Ventures Conference to showcase our product – a device for monitoring electrical signals in plants. Meeting so many bright, young people interested in technology and how they can use it to make the world a better place caused me to reflect on why I love being an [...]

Growing with Phytl Signs

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Coming into Phytl Signs, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I’d seen startups in TV shows, such as Silicon Valley, and read about the brilliant success stories which dominate the headlines, but I had never actually envisioned the reality of a startup. I had never quite thought about the fact that actual, tangible [...]

Plants seem to have a burst of electrical activity around solar noon, even indoors

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This rather beautiful Surfinia was sitting on our dining table at home yesterday (5/June 16).  As we have seen earlier with tomato plants in a greenhouse the Phytl Signs 50x recorded huge electrical activity from the plant from solar noon (2.00pm here in Switzerland) and for about two hours afterwards.  There was a chirrup every few seconds [...]

Hacking plants: a unique challenge

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Are you into hacking? I don’t mean getting into the White House server. I mean decoding the language of living beings – like plants.   Just like any other organism, plants emit electrical signals – and hacking into them, using our Phytl Signs device, needs a clear signal. But once you’ve managed that, then what? [...]

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