Swiss MBAs Show Growing Interest in Agriculture

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A couple of the team members from Vivent had the chance recently to attend a forum, Investment in Agriculture: Opportunities Across The Value Chain, organized by INSEAD’s Swiss Alumni Association. A diverse panel of expert investors and entrepreneurs shared their views on questions like: Where does the “Green” revolution stand? Will technology be the answer [...]

Three Great Things About Working With Plants

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Working as a summer intern for Vivent over the past few weeks has been such a great experience. I’ve learnt about everything from grant applications to electrical signalling, yet I think the most important discovery I’ve made is how wonderful it is to work with plants. The first thing I’ve realised is how unpredictable plants [...]

5 Reasons Why Vivent Has Hired a Summer Student

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This week summer student, Emma Raven, joined Vivent.  Emma will go on to study plant science so she is great fit for us as we continue research on plant electrophysiology using the Phytl Signs devices.   We’re delighted to be working with a summer student for 5 key reasons: We have some real work that [...]

Innovation Feeding the World – Key Insights from the Global Innovation Index 2017

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On June 15, WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, hosted the launch of the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2017 during which insights were presented to the public and permanent missions of the UN, here in Geneva Switzerland. The GII is a valuable benchmarking tool through which policy makers, business leaders and the public can evaluate [...]

Phytl Signs on Tour

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We have been working with a number of plant science researchers who are using Phytl Signs devices to carry out a wide variety of experiments. They are spread out geographically and include researchers from Brazil, China, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Israel and France as well as here at home in Switzerland.   Recently [...]

Phytl Signs – Looking back on 2016 and forward to a great 2017

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We are writing to wish you all the best during the Holiday Season and we hope that 2017 is an exciting and rewarding year for you.  We are very grateful for the support and encouragement we’ve been shown in 2016 and wanted to provide a quick look back at what we, at Vivent, have been [...]

The Real Value of the CE Mark

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Phytl Signs devices are classified as electronic equipment and so if we want to sell products in Europe they need to be CE marked. A manufacturer attaches the CE mark once they have sufficient evidence that their product meets the health, safety and environmental standards outlined in the European CE marking directives. Because we don’t [...]

Plant Cognition: The Next Revolution??

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By guest writer Sarenne Wallbridge - University of Edinburgh Cognitive Science student.   As a member of the Edinburgh Cognitive Science Society I recently attended a talk by Dr. Paco Calvo, Department Chair and Professor from the University of Murcia, Spain - PLANT COGNITION: THE NEXT REVOLUTION Human cognition is something we have experience thinking [...]

The de-coding of plants’ electrical signals has begun!

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First scientific seminar sharing Phytl Signs experimental results at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland Oct 27th saw the first sharing of experimental data from our plant electrical signal capturing device, Phytl Signs, with an expert scientific audience. Results from both Vivent’s own experiments, along with those from Professor Ricardo Ferraz de Oliveira of University of Sao [...]

Long Term Variation of Electrical Signals in Plants

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Over the last few weeks here at Phytl Signs we have been focusing on running some long-term experiments monitoring variations in electrical signals in plants. We have recorded electrical signals from 3 plants in different ambient conditions over the last month. We are delighted with how much we have learned about the set up of [...]

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