Detecting Venus Flytrap Action Potentials with PhytlSigns

2020-07-10T07:00:20+00:00By |

As part of a series of posts showing different plant behaviours that can be explored using PhytlSigns, we are starting with the classic experiment performed by John Burdon-Sanderson and inspired by CharlesDarwin.  Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant which uses action potentials to catch and digest insects or small animals. Stimulation of sensory hairs induces [...]

Ex-intern Emma Raven Publishes paper in Frontiers in Plant Science!!

2020-07-03T11:12:33+00:00By |

One of Vivent's summer students, Emma Raven, an undergraduate at Oxford University, has had her first academic paper published in the plant science journal `Frontiers in Plant Science'  as a co-author. The published research resulted from her participation in the University of Illinois's Summer Fellowship program, supported by the international project RIPE ( Realising Increased [...]

AGRITECH BOOM – How Swiss drones and robots are changing farming

2020-06-17T00:40:13+00:00By |

A drone is used to determine the quality of the grass, pictured at the Swiss Future Farm, a demonstration farm for smart-farming technologies. By: Clare O'Dea Remote sensing, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics are being integrated into everyday farm management. To read about two exciting Swiss ag-tech start-ups click on this link: [...]

Corona Virus, SIR Models, Business Planning and Crop Diseases

2020-03-26T15:23:18+00:00By |

As part of business planning to cope with the corona virus pandemic in rapid growth mode we are sharing some insights gained by building and playing with an SIR (Susceptible Infected Recovered) model. SIR is a simple but powerful epidemiological tool.  It can be used to model the spread of social networks as well as [...]

Vivent Intern Explores Possibilities of Deep Learning

2020-03-13T13:36:14+00:00By |

Final year Electrical Engineering degree student Armando Bourgknecht, based at the University of Applied Sciences Fribourg, Switzerland, has been working with Vivent as part of our Swiss Government funded Project PISA, under the supervision of Marco Mazza at HEIA-FR, applying Deep Learning techniques to plant electrical signalling data. I caught up with him to chat [...]

Machine Learning Models Generated from World’s Largest Plant Electrophysiology Data Set Ready to Go

2020-02-13T08:02:07+00:00By |

For the last 12 months, as part of Vivent’s Swiss Government funded Innosuisse Project Pisa, HEiG-VD based information technology expert Dr Elena Najdenovska has been applying her considerable expertise to the processing, analysis and modelling of plant electrical signalling recordings from our PhytlSigns bio-sensor. I recently talked to Elena about her career. Macedonian born Elena, [...]

Crop Monitors for Outer Space

2020-01-29T14:40:04+00:00By |

Vivent is delighted to be demonstrating PhytlSigns sensors and machine learning models at the launch of HEIG-VD's collaboration with Switzerland's 7th industrial accelerator - the Aeropole in Payerne. Along with Vivent's sensors, which are highlighted as part of agricultural monitoring from Space to Earth, HEIG-VD will be demonstrating a range of other technologies that will [...]

PostDocs Collaborating with Vivent Enjoy BiotICC Workshop

2020-01-24T13:38:57+00:00By |

Congratulations to two Post doc researchers working with Vivent on their poster presentations at the BiotICC Workshop in Alexandria, VA this week, where a wide range of discussions on how information and communication theory can be applied to biology took place. Dr Hamdan Awan presented work on modelling multiple action potentials in plants with emphasis [...]

Vivent exhibit PhytlSigns and latest research findings at the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting, Basel, Switzerland

2019-11-04T15:23:30+00:00By |

We were fortunate enough to attend for the first time the annual congress of the relatively young Biocontrol industry, vital to the future of crop growing, and we felt right at home! Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting With a record attendance of 1227 delegates from 52 countries, 536 organisations all related to the fast-growing [...]

Machine Learning Models Showing Great Promise

2019-11-02T09:26:06+00:00By |

Machine Learning Model Shows Electrophysiology Signals Can Classify LED Light Frequencies in which Lettuce is Grown As part of recent development work here at Vivent we wanted to test if a supervised machine learning model could accurately predict the color of LED lights in which young lettuce plants are being grown. Recent research shows that [...]

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