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April 2020

AGRITECH BOOM – How Swiss drones and robots are changing farming

2020-06-17T00:40:13+00:00By |

A drone is used to determine the quality of the grass, pictured at the Swiss Future Farm, a demonstration farm for smart-farming technologies. By: Clare O'Dea Remote sensing, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics are being integrated into everyday farm management. To read about two exciting Swiss ag-tech start-ups click on this link: [...]

September 2019

INARTIS NETWORK: Helping Vivent Accelerate Innovation

2020-06-16T19:31:33+00:00By |

Over 130 R&D projects launched. Over CHF 50 million in public funding secured. Those are the achievements of INARTIS NETWORK in a few words. Yet it has done more. It has enabled its innovators to turn R&D project into reality. Read about Vivent’s success story. When stressed by pests, diseases or environmental factors, plants [...]

July 2019

Swiss start-ups at the forefront of ‘green tech’

2020-06-16T19:35:13+00:00By |

ecoRobotix, Vivent and AgroSustain all began life in Switzerland but have set their sights beyond our borders. These start-up companies have been working with the scientific community to develop technological innovations that enable more sustainable farming practices. This is a portrait of three Swiss start-ups at the forefront of ‘green tech’. ecoRobotix, Vivent and AgroSustain have risen to [...]

May 2019

Smart Farming: technology for agriculture

2020-06-17T01:17:59+00:00By |

Technology for agriculture is changing how we produce food and we know about plants and animals. This short TV program describes innovations in both plant and animal science that are leading to deeper understanding of the health of both plants and animals. Real-time sensors monitor how, in this case tomatoes and cows, are responding [...]

July 2018

Wearable electronics reveal the secret lives of plants

2020-06-16T19:55:54+00:00By |

Faint bioelectrical signals emitted by plants can be used to monitor their needs thanks to EU-funded researchers developing novel biosensors. Plants may appear to do nothing, but in fact they are actively sensing and responding to a wide range of environmental stimuli such as light levels, temperature, gas concentrations, soil chemistry and humidity, the [...]

April 2018

Un nouveau projet CTI pour l’école dans le domaine de l’électrophysiologie végétale

2020-06-16T20:08:43+00:00By |

par Marco Mazza de Haute école d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Fribourg Non, ce n’est pas de la science-fiction. On apprenait récemment dans la presse que la DARPA – agence américaine chargée du développement de nouvelles technologies destinées à un usage militaire – entend modifier la physiologie des végétaux afin de rendre ceux-là capables de [...]

February 2018

Les plantes parlent, la HEIG-VD tente de les comprendre

2020-06-16T20:05:15+00:00By |

par Laureline Duvillard Une équipe de la Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de gestion s’apprete a décrypter la communication vegetal HEIG-VD a décroché un projet de recherche dans le domaine des sciences et technologies du vivant, en partenariat avec la start-up vaudoise Vivent, le centre de compétence de la Confédération suisse pour la recherche agricole (Agroscope) [...]

Comprendre ce que disent les plantes

2020-06-16T20:12:08+00:00By |

par HEIG-VD La HEIG-VD a décroché un projet de recherche dans le domaine des sciences et technologies du vivant, en partenariat avec la start-up vaudoise Vivent, le centre de compétence de la Confédération suisse pour la recherche agricole (Agroscope) et la Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et d’Architecture de Fribourg (HEIA-FR). Il s’agit d’un projet Innosuisse [...]

December 2017

CTI funding for a study on plant electrophysiology

2020-06-16T20:14:36+00:00By |

par Agroscope Conthey Agroscope received the support of the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI for the project on the electrophysiology of greenhouse plants together with three partner organizations. The basis for this was a promising preliminary study.  Cédric Camps of the group “greenhouse cultures” will carry out the study together with the Swiss startup Vivent , which produces [...]


2020-06-17T01:16:50+00:00By |

Alexandra Brutsch The Pentagon is seeking to develop genetically modified plants that can identify threats. A French-speaking Swiss start-up is trying to join the project. Easier to deploy than an armada of agents, more discreet than a police dog and more aesthetic than a portal of detection, the green plant could become a new key [...]

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