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Dr Nigel Wallbridge, the Tech Entrepreneur (Ph.D, MIMechE, MBA INSEAD) is an internationally renowned serial entrepreneur with extensive experience founding and growing companies in both North America and Europe. A chartered engineer, he holds a doctoral degree in medical engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK and also an MBA from INSEAD, France. Apart from his current work at Vivent, he is also an Executive Director of Nomad Digital Ltd and is on the board of a number of other technology businesses. He previously held senior managerial positions in the telecommunications industry, including CEO of Interoute, and President of Cable& Wireless Americas. He also lectured in medical engineering at the University of Leeds.

May 2019

AI in Biology: Risk, Ethics and Interpretability

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News of the recent death of Sydney Brenner, a renowned molecular biologist and enthusiastic conservationist, lead the team at Vivent into a long conversation on ethics and science. At Vivent, the ethical implications of our work are important even if we can’t always draw firm conclusions about best approaches. Our recent discussions centered around the [...]

January 2019

Move 37 and Plant Science

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), or more precisely ‘machine learning’, works by training a computer on the outcomes to a question.  Most applications rely on questions like “Is this a picture of a dog or a cat?”  The computer learns from thousands of pictures, known as training data.  The success of the resulting algorithm is measured using [...]

December 2017

Plants as Sensors of Environmental Threats May Soon Be a Reality

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Plants provide people with food, feed, fiber and fuel, and they may soon be keeping us safer.  Vivent has recognised for some time that plants are excellent sensors of their environment. As well as sensing specific stimuli, plants respond quickly, are self-powered, already in place and long-lasting. When designing a sensor this provides an excellent [...]

June 2016

Plants seem to have a burst of electrical activity around solar noon, even indoors

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This rather beautiful Surfinia was sitting on our dining table at home yesterday (5/June 16).  As we have seen earlier with tomato plants in a greenhouse the Phytl Signs 50x recorded huge electrical activity from the plant from solar noon (2.00pm here in Switzerland) and for about two hours afterwards.  There was a chirrup every few seconds [...]

Hacking plants: a unique challenge

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Are you into hacking? I don’t mean getting into the White House server. I mean decoding the language of living beings – like plants.   Just like any other organism, plants emit electrical signals – and hacking into them, using our Phytl Signs device, needs a clear signal. But once you’ve managed that, then what? [...]