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  1. Electrical signals in plants were discovered over 100 years ago, in 1873, by British scientist John Burdon-Sanderson[i] . Until now they have been difficult to study because they are simply so small that they are drowned out by background electromagnetic interference (just like when the conversation you are having on your mobile phone is drowned out by the noise of a passing train or plane). Scientists and researchers studying electrical signals do so in tightly controlled laboratory conditions that require unwieldy and expensive equipment. Now, using technology developed for mobile phones, Vivent has developed PhytlSigns – a low cost device combining state of the art digital electrical signal processing with low cost electronics to enable everyone, for the first time, to hear and see their plants’ signals in every day conditions
  1. Kickstarter is the largest rewards-based crowdfunding platform; enabling projects to be brought to life through the financial support given by people who share in the vision of the project’s creators. Through Kickstarter, Vivent aims to raise the finance to take PhytlSigns from prototype to commercially available product. The funds raised will be used to purchase the tooling and components for the first large production run, and to develop the software so that the app is engaging, exciting and easy to use
  1. Vivent Sárl is a Swiss based, privately held company founded in 2012. By connecting people and plants to harness, pioneer and ultimately understand the electrical signals unique to plants’ physiological states, Vivent aims to build the knowledge to help ensure that the ecosystem that supports us all is thriving
  1. Vivent Sárl is founded by Nigel Wallbridge, Carrol Plummer and Caleb Carroll. Nigel is an internationally renowned tech entrepreneur, previously founding Nomad Digital Ltd – a leading providing of passenger Wi-Fi and passenger information systems in trains. Carrol is a mechanical engineer by profession and advises a number of tech businesses on product development, manufacturing and marketing. Caleb is an inventor and system architect with a broad range of experience in the radio frequency industry. He provides intellectual property and network consulting services in both North America and Europe and is the author of more than 15 patents
  1. The PhytlSigns Each PhytlSigns device is able to connect to the PhytlSigns Cloud (if a user chooses to do this). The PhytlSigns Cloud of electrical signals captured from plants all over the world (in a crowdsourced database) will allow the electrical language of plants to be studied, analysed, decoded and interpreted
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[i] J. Burdon-Sanderson Note on the electrical phenomena which accompany irritation of the leaf of Dionaea muscipula. Proc R Soc Lond, 21 (1873), pp. 495–496