7 Unexpected Swiss Start-Ups

Publication date: February 2 2017

Switzerland is home to a high-quality start-up environment. In line with the country’s long-standing and traditional strengths in engineering, biotechnology, medical technology and financial services, many Swiss start-ups within those sectors seek to develop creative solutions in the technology sector.

But of course, Swiss ingenuity, creativity and know-how are not limited to any industrial sector. Numerous aspiring entrepreneurs are also finding innovative solutions and offering efficient services in sectors not commonly associated with Switzerland, thereby highlighting the nature of a truly diverse and vibrant start-up environment. Here are seven examples: which is your favourite ‘unusual’ Swiss start-up?

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Hack and flack pair launch ‘sharing economy’ comms agency

By Robert Smith  Publication date: October 31 2016

Former Edelman Australia and Sciterion PR consultant Eve Laird and freelance journalist Eleanor Tucker have launched Rude Communications, a UK start-up agency that will focus on clients (including Vivent SARL) involved in the sharing economy.

The sharing economy sees people and organisations collaborating with their stakeholders to create and ‘rent out’ products and business models that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable – Uber and AirBnB are often cited as the foremost examples.

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The Growing Edge – This new device measures plants’ electric activity

By Cassie Neiden  Publication date: October 2016

What happens when a team of engineers specializing in electronic signals takes an interest in plants? The result is Phytl Signs, a device that digitally processes plant electricity and converts those signals to a computer or mobile platform via Bluetooth in the form of a data set.

The product, an invention of the Switzerland-based technology company Vivent, utilizes a sensor that looks similar to the one that takes your pulse at the hospital. The sensor is attached to a single leaf of a plant’s foliage, and its purpose is to detect changes in the environment that the plant notices and reacts to in the form of electrical activity.

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Phytl Signs Device: A Review

By Jane Perrone  Publication date: 3 October 2016

How do you know whether a plant is thriving? If you look closely enough, often enough, there are plenty of signals: are the leaves droopy or firm? Is the soil bone dry or sopping wet? Are the flowers perky or falling? Is the plant deep green or fading to yellow? My plants may not be able to speak to me, but the more I spend time with a plant and get to know it, the more this simple semaphore is revealed to me.

When I got the chance to try out a new gadget called PhytlSigns (see what they did there?) I wasn’t sure what to expect. The catchline is “be a plant communication pioneer”.  I am not an early adopter of technology: I was still carrying around a brick of a mobile when everyone else was using iPhones.

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Parlare con le piante? Ora si può, con Phytl Signs e Project Florence

By Jessica Palese | Ninja Marketing  Publication date: 2 September 2016

Capire cosa comunicano le piante attraverso Phytl Signs potrà rivelarsi interessante per studi sull’ambiente, la sostenibilità e il futuro della produzione alimentare

Chi ama le piante ma non ha il pollice verde potrà presto contare su appositi wearable per “ascoltarle”.

I ricercatori della Vivent SARL hanno infatti creato Phytl Signs, un dispositivo che amplifica i segnali elettrici emessi dalle piante in risposta all’ambiente.

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Merkwürdig: von obdachlosen IT-Beratern und Pokémon Go

By Fabien Poschl | CE Today  Publication date: 6 September 2016

In unserer Rubrik Merkwürdig verlinken wir Kurioses und Interessantes aus dem ICT-Universum.

Der Pflanzen-Dolmetscher
Gedeiht die Topfpflanze gut? Ist das Gewächs ruhig, aktiv oder gar gestresst? Das “Phytl Signs Explorer”-Device weiss es. Das Gadget mit dem sperrigen Namen misst mit Elektroden an den Blättern oder am Stamm die elektrischen Signale, die Pflanzen abgeben, wie Pressetext berichtet. Anschliessend zeigt es die Informationen am Smartphone an. Das Schweizer Unternehmen Vivent lancierte eine Kickstarter-Kampagne für seinen Pflanzen-Dolmetscher. Die Aussagekraft solch eines Geräts ist aber begrenzt, wie Zukunftsforscher Ulrich Reinhardt von der BAT-Stiftung für Zukunftsfragen gegenüber Pressetext sagt. Er sieht aber dennoch einen Nutzen. “Was das Tamagotchi in den 1990er-Jahren war, könnte der Phytl Signs Explorer in der Gegenwart sein. Der Besitzer erhält Statusmeldungen und kümmert sich entsprechend um seine Pflanze”, sagt er. Diese Zuwendung schaffe Verantwortung, die vielen ein gutes Gefühl gebe.

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El dispositivo que permite comunicarse con las plantas

By Laur Bernal | RCN radio  Publication date: 27 July 2016

Carrol Plummer Co- Fundadora de Vivent, la empresa que creo PhytlSigns, un dispositivo que por medio de la medición del voltaje emitido por las plantas puede determinar qué está pasando con el vegetal, habla en Sala Internacional con Laura Bernal y Daniel Faura sobre cómo es posible establecer comunicación con estos seres orgánicos.

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Talking to plants with wearables

Digital Catapult Centre  Publication date: 21 July 2016

Does talking to plants really help them grow? Trying to debunk this myth and improve communication between plants and humans is Phytl Signs, designers of the world’s first wearables for plants…

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Converser avec sa plante verte

Alexandra Brutsch | Le Matin  Publication date: 14 July 2016

Une start-up vaudoise a mis au point une machine qui fait parler les plantes. Assoiffés, délaissés, envahis de parasites? Vos cactus vous diront tout. Nous avons testé…

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Shhh. Listen close. Your plants are talking to you.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur  Publication date: 08 July 2016

That’s what researchers at Vivent SARL think, anyway. The Switzerland-based company has developed something they call Phytl Signs — a “wearable” device for plants.

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“Wearable” for plants to let you converse with a chrysanthemum

John Anderson | Gizmag  Publication date: 06 July 2016

Houseplants have never been known as great conversationalists, but it’s possible we just can’t hear what they’re saying. Swiss company, Vivent SARL, is hoping to rectify that with its Phytl Signs device that picks up the tiny electrical signals emitted by plants and broadcasts them through a speaker. The ultimate goal is to translate what the plants are actually “saying.”

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PhytlSigns lets you tune in to ‘plant-talk’

Edwin | Coolest Gadgets  Publication date: 04 July 2016

That’s what researchers at Vivent SARL think, anyway. The Switzerland-based company has developed something they call Phytl Signs — a “wearable” device for plants.

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An Institution member is one of the people behind a new technology that interprets plants’ signals.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers   Publication date: 01 July 2016

Institution member, Dr Nigel Wallbridge PhD MIMechE MBA, is the executive director of Swiss-based company Vivent Sarl, which develops medical solutions and plant monitoring systems…

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Want to know what your plants are SAYING? Device lets you hear flowers talk by picking up the signals sent through their leaves

By Abigail Beall | Mailonline    Publication date: 01 July 2016

If someone told you they were listening to their plants talking to them, you might think they were mad.
But plants do give out tiny electrical signals, helping them communicate, they are just very faint and difficult to detect…

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This Device Lets You Listen to What Your Plants are Saying

By Jamie A.  |  Techtree   Publication date: 01 July 2016

There’s a device that allows you to “listen” to what your plants are telling you.
PhytlSigns amplifies the electrical signals that plants emit, allowing people to hear them through a speaker attached to the device and see them through a mobile app…

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Ever since I watched  “The Apple Trees” in Wizard of  Oz talking to Dorothy, I spent my entire childhood wondering would trees actually talk and what would they say if they could talk?

By Saumya Soman  |  Techtree   Publication date: 01 July 2016

Scientific innovations have changed the course of mankind and this planet…

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A Fitbit… for plants?

By Alexandra Sweny  |  WRLWND   Publication date: 01 July 2016

You’ve heard of wearables: watches that track activity levels, sheets that map sleep patterns, armbands that measure body temperature – and the list goes on. Now, a Swiss company is attempting to develop a wearable for plants. You heard right – plants….

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Listen to what your plants are ‘saying’ through this device!

Z-News   Publication date: 01 July 2016

New Delhi: It is said that talking to your plants will help them grow faster. But what if they talk back to you?…

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Plant listening device founder launches Kickstarter campaign

Matthew Appleby  | Horticulture Week | Publication date: 30 June 2016

Plants emit electrical signals in response to their environment, and PhytlSigns amplifies these signals, allowing people to hear them though a speaker attached to the device and see them through an app on a phone or tablet…

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SMF Nigel Wallbridge launches Kickstarter campaign for new technology that lets plants communicate with you

Sainsbury Management Fellows  |  Publication date: 30 June 2016

PhytlSigns – an innovative and unique piece of wearable tech for plants, is a plant monitor unlike any other – because it specifically listens in to what the plant itself is communicating rather than simply measuring the air temperature or the soil around it…

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Plants Do Talk – PhytlSigns Lets Us Listen In

ONDH   Publication date: 30 June 2016

Swiss company launches new technology that lets your plants communicate with you – and
the possibilities are far reaching….

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Znate li što vam vaša biljka pokušava reći? Poslušajte

By B.R.  |  tportal   Publication date: 30 June 2016

Mogu li biljke na neki način čuti okolne zvukove i reagirati na njih? Proizvode li zvukove koje ljudsko uho ne može čuti? Na koji način uopće komuniciraju s okolinom?…

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Wonder what your plants are ‘saying’? Device lets you listen in

By Penny Sarchet  |  New Scientist   Publication date: 30 June 2016

I’m concentrating at my computer when my peace lily lets out a wail. It’s a wavering electric howl that finishes as abruptly as it began. But what does it mean?…

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